Lebron james trade to cav”s

Reporters  belive that the kings trade was not a good decision ever since he left the first time. I belive that he should do him dont fall into the medias talk and do him.

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If there was one thing I would reinvent it would be the tv i would of started off as flat screens not the big boxed ones with antina”s you have to move to get a clear veiw of whats going on.

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money can change what you wear or how you live but it will not change you it changes the people around.

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I saw it on CNN


I read an article about the Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt.  http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2329169-david-blatt-stands-up-for-lebron-james-lebron-protects-his-coach-from-technical?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial

He knows how important LeBron James is to the team in terms of both morale and on-court ability.When the King picked up a highly questionable offensive foul while tied up with Marcus Morris during a contest with the host Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night, Blatt got heated in the ref’s face.LeBron shoved Blatt back to the sideline so the coach wouldn’t receive a technical.Here’s another look at the play that got James the second-quarter foul, with the Cavs down by eight.I think Lebron did the right thing by helping his coach even though it was a bad call on the referee but lebron just kept his cool in the situation.most people in the NBA wouldn’t have done that.

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The Future is Now


I read about surgeons at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are set to begin suspended animation trails by dramatically cooling down trauma victims to keep them alive during critical operations.This technique involves internal rather than external cooling. A team of surgeons will remove all of the patient’s blood, replacing it with a cold saline solution; the cold fluid is administered through a large tube, called a cannula, which is placed into the aorta, the largest artery in the body.

I believe it will be a success in 10-20 years and it will help the survival rate go higher the 7% or maybe be used on me if needed in the future.

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Event horizon


The monsters of mercury decided to leave and move there way to earth.looking to find the crystal that was never found in 1850. It magically vanished after their  master died fighting to keep them safe from… to be continued


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things they needed

The 5 things I would give my relative is water, food, clothing, sleeping bag and magazines. The reason I would give my relative these items is because you need water to stay hydrated so they don’t pass out. food because it will be hard to find.Clothes because it might be hot during the day but cold at night.Sleeping bag because nobody wants to sleep on the ground.Magazines SO THEY’RE NOT BORED



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